As the notice for the BE Essential edition dropped on the 25th of January at 12am kst, slowly, ARMYs around the world started to get ready for this new session of pre-orders, a long awaited one since many had been waiting for a “standard” version. In the meantime, European Armys knew once again that they would have to deal with Sony Music, and their scandalous prices. Like it’s been the case for several releases now.

Around late 2018, early 2019, European Armys were made aware that Sony Music, which is part of the big three along with UMG and Warner…

As the world is going back and forth between lockdowns, as the crisis has been ongoing for months, and our lives stuck in the coldness of winter, finding an anchor seems difficult. How do we ground ourselves? How do we escape — even for a short while — the gloom? As the life keeps on going, one day after the other, how do we find relief and warmth? For many of us, music is that space. A home, for today, and tomorrow.

Music is not much when you think about it, a melody, a beat, lyrics. A composition full of…

The notion of team, the word “we” can easily be put together. I and us together. One side working with the other to reach a goal, whatever it is a big one or not. The notion of team, and “we” is very often used in sports. The most heartfelt fans, whatever the results will keep seeing themselves and the team they support as an extension of themselves. We won, we lost, we didn’t do well today, we will do better next time, we could have done better.

If this phenomenon is easily visible in sports, it’s not necessarily the case…


Rambling. Mostly. At @prodsonyeondan on Twitter.

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